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Camouflage technique

INTRODUCTION TO THE CAMOUFLAGE OF THE FANTASIN FFOMECBLOT - try not to forget it… CAMOUFLAGE (Larousse 2018, French dictionary): Make up an objective or military equipment, make it unrecognizable or invisible. Conceal something, hide it under deceptive appearances; disguise A document in PDF format, 35 pages, you can download it, print it, […]

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Technique & Trapping

BODOI TRAP PROHIBIT OR PROTECT AN AREA… WITH ALMOST NOTHING BODOI trap (or VIETCONG, JAPANESE…) Trapping can be exploited everywhere, in various forms, and, of course, with or without explosive element (plastic, grenade…). The general idea is to keep it simple, with almost nothing and the maximum destructive capacity, using all the elements offered […]