BELOMO KPK-AV Tactical Set


A Tactical Optics Set designed by BELOMO for mid-range aiming (with the red dot), reflex aiming (with the laser designator) and progressing space lighting (with the tactical flashlight).

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A Tactical optical assembly designed by BELOMO for medium distance aiming (with the red dot), reflex aiming (with the laser designator) and lighting of the progression space (with the tactical flashlight). From the PK-A red point (1 MOA point), a compact unit in one piece, with its side mounting for Saiga, Vepr rifles and more generally any rifle (from the AK family or not) or a side mounting rail is available. The PK-A red dot - entirely steel, IR compatible (2 Night Vision lighting modes and 6 daytime light intensity modes), 2 types of reticles (1 point and 1 T reticle) - is suitable for mounting on weapons light automatic, with an autonomy of 50 hours and an exceptional resilience, the Laser Designator (RED) with a power of 20mW allows a point width of 5mm (from 5 meters of range) and an operational range of 250 meters. The tactical flashlight provides powerful light output (3600 lux 180 lumens - measured at 1 meter and per meter for lumens) in a compact size - smaller than the PK-A red dot. Power supplied by two 123A batteries for an autonomy of 50 hours in maximum use. Tactical, complete, compact and light, the KPK-AV meets all the needs of the combatant in urban or confined areas. Perfect for law enforcement, reflex fire, area securing and survival.

The red dot PK-A : fully steel, waterproof and extremely robust - nitrogen purged, designed for all calibers (up to .50 caliber - semi-automatic or automatic mode), suitable for combat in urban areas and operational in all conditions - easy handling moving targets. Compatible with IR glasses (2 Night Vision lighting modes), and 6 daytime light intensity modes. For all variants of the AK family (SVD, SKS, AK…). Drift and elevation adjustments of 1 MOA per click / up to 40 MOA.

The laser designator : power of 20mW, beam thickness (measured from 5 meters) of 5mm, implemented from the body of the optics, power supply ensured - as for the entire optical system - by 2 batteries 123a.

The tactical lamp : high lighting power (3600 lux - measured at 1 meter), compact body and integrated into the entire KPK-AV system. Implementation from the body of the optics.

Outstanding elements:

  • Complete Handset, Red Dot, Laser Designator & Tactical Flashlight
  • Steel body, extremely robust
  • IR compatible Red Point (2 modes for IR)
  • Side mount for Kalashnikov family rifles and rifles - VEPR and SAIGA
  • 20mW Laser Designator, 5mm Beam
  • Powerful Tactical Flashlight - 3600lux
  • 2 batteries 123A for 50 hours of autonomy in maximum use



Further information

Weight 1.3 kg
Technical informations

Magnification: 1x
Light intensity levels (including 2 IR modes): 8
Sight exit pupil diameter, mm, min: 20
Drift and Elevation (in MOA): ± 40
Adjustment (per click and in MOA): 1
Laser power (in mW): 20
Laser thickness (from 5 range meters): 5
Laser adjustment (in degrees): 3
Tactical lamp luminous flux (in lumens): 180
Illumination (at the center of the beam and in lux): 3600
Red Dot Voltage: 3
Laser Designator Voltage: 3
Voltage of the Tactical Lamp: 6
Power supply: CR123A - 2 pcs
Dimensions: 190х100х170
Weight (in Kg): 0,85