The brand ZENITCO

The story begins in Moscow on December 13, 1994, a few years after the end of the USSR, with a range of lightweight LED flashlights. 20 years later, with a complete catalog of tactical lighting solutions, from ballistic shield projector to pistol torch, ZENITCO is the official supplier of the Russian Interior Ministry (tactical lamps & searchlights), is internationally recognized for its laser designators (visible spectrum and IR) and evolved into a set of tactical rails and mounts for the AK family of rifles - and it's safe to say they're the best on the market.

Again, in 2015, the brand became the supplier to the Russian Interior Ministry for tactical rails and fixing elements (picatinny & weaver) intended for the rifles and rifles provided - essentially the new AK rifles.

An investment strategy focused on state-of-the-art industrial capacity, a very open communication towards the end customer and a use of the entire ZENITCO range on the battlefields of the Russian army (Syria, Africa ...) the brand a "must have" for all fighters who demand the best. Quite simply.

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