How to make a bulk order and get the best price if you are an incorporated group, a private company, a public agency or a regiment? How to get an offer to have a specific part made, a copy of a broken piece of old weapon or a particular project (such as a mobile radio network, a weapon mount or the armor of a vehicle ...)?



To be honest we would never think that individuals or small organizations (firefighters from the village to the infantry section who is preparing for an OPEX) encountered so many problems to harmonize equipment, buy at a controlled price of quantities from the same reference or to find a technical solution to a given problem. Identify an operational need, have a project or just want to live his passion and realize that we do not have the technical resources to achieve it is usually rather frustrating

At AresMaxima we quickly realized that to meet these demands, it was necessary to bring together very different skills (a coachbuilder to shield a "classic" car, a metal master who masters numerical control or 3D printing or a network engineer or computer) and that it is (very) far from simple.

The idea of ​​being able to offer the "five-legged sheep" that will meet the specific need, from tailor-made picatinny assembly to the mobile HF communication network - or completely crazy stuff - is to face the same problems as an industrialist. without having the same resources. In short, we sought a set of competent people, from everywhere (really everywhere), so that the only limit of our customers is the imagination ... and we are rather proud of the result!

How is your application processed?



During the first contact we will try to specify together your project, what is the expected result and, of course, its limits (whether it is a custom piece or a service delivery - protocol, implementation, training ...). After this interview, we will study the various possibilities to realize your request and will present you a "state of feasibility". In short, the technicality and the means required, the potential cost and complexity to achieve the expected result.


Once the project is finalized (in the case of a part or a technical system a plan is validated and ready for production - in the case of a protocol or training, all the details are finalized, you have validated the proposal and the start of production can intervene at any time) a schedule of realization is proposed to you, a last point is made to check all the elements, you confirm the implementation and go!


It's not about UPS filing a package at the door. Depending on the type of order (product or service) full assistance is provided, until you are satisfied with the operation or implementation. On request a demonstration or presentation to your employees, investors or partners can be made. In any case a single referent will remain available for all your questions, under an average time of 1 day.

How to make a bulk order?

Nothing complicated! just contact us (e-mail, whatsapp, site contact form, viber ...) and submit your request. Depending on the product requested, the volume you need and your quality (military, association, militia, company ...) a form will be sent to you (especially to validate the technical specifications of a product, the sizes of a garment ... ). As soon as you send it back to us, we will prepare an estimate, with availability, terms of payment, tests (if any), specificities ...