On February 24, 2022 at 05:00 UTC, from Russian & Belarusian territories, by land, sea and air, Russian troops invaded Ukrainian territory.

From the north (in the direction of Pripyat and Chernihiv), the east (via the oblasts of Donetsk and Lugansk) and the south (via the Crimea), three army groups began a “lightning” offensive towards the assigned objectives by the enemy command, overrunning the defenses of Ukraine.

The resilience of the population, the ability to organize with the sole means of civil society (or almost), the spirit of resistance – immediate and flawless – which prevailed within the armed forces, volunteers & all goodwill made it possible to compensate for the lack of equipment, manpower and coordination in the face of the suddenness of the attack.

We evacuated in the direction of Lviv on March 21, a few days before the enemy retreated from the northern front, thanks – may they be blessed – to the Catholic fathers of the church of Chernihiv and two volunteers who ensured a noria between Kyiv and Chernihiv for supply the city during the siege.

I have a special thought for a kid at a checkpoint on our way. He had a brand new AK47, it was longer than his chest, he was dirty from the dust of the road, in shorts and a t-shirt and looked a little lost. I hope he survived and became a proud Cossack warrior, Ukraine will need him and all his children to rise again.

Interactive maps of the conflict

To follow the evolution of the conflict with ideograms to understand the actions in progress (available in French and English):

For an interactive map and field analyzes by the institute for study of war & critical threats:

  • https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/36a7f6a6f5a9448496de641cf64bd375 (Click here)



Joining an armed force is no joke

Becoming a fighter – especially without military or combat experience – will not be easy, and must be a considered choice, based on a real will. Whether you are going on an adventure, to reveal yourself, to defend a cause or an idea, it is essential to understand the implications of your choice. A soldier, in essence, can die.

Once this postulate has been integrated, and if your choice is firm, good physical preparation, a command of English – for everyday life – and a package adapted to the Ukrainian terrain (think of the cold, camouflage, your comfort and protection best possible ballistics) will obviously be a minimum.

Mastering the handling of light weapons (rifles, carbines, pistols) and grenades (it's better to know how to throw a grenade without risk to yourself and your comrades ...), the articulation of a combat group of The infantry – through the practice of “air soft” for example – will make it possible to be more effective once deployed.