The Marathon Watch brand

1904. This is the year of the creation of Weinsturm Watch, by the Wein brothers, at La Chaud de Fonds (Switzerland). Later Wein Brothers, the company markets watches and clocks on both sides of the Atlantic, with the involvement of several branches of the family. It is Morris Wein grandfather of Mitchell Wein who presides today at the end of the mark, a descendant of creators based in Montreal, who founded Marathon Watch in 1939.

From 1941 Marathon (whose name was imagined to prove that the creations of the brand are the best over the long time) provided to the allied armies of chronographs and will then specialize in watches for the military. The first Iraq war is going to be a turning point for the brand, with a contract given by the US Army for its troops and a real recognition of its know-how.

Always official supplier of the US Army, with a range of MIL-SPEC & NATO standardized watches (automatic, mechanical and quartz), Marathon develops its partnerships with the Canadian army with the GSAR model and is the first brand to obtain the right to affix the logo and the name of Israeli units YAMAM on a specific model, the YAMAM JDD, developed according to a specific specification.

The manufacture of all models is ensured, tradition requires, in a traditional way in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), with all the know-how accumulated and the military standardizations imposed by the customers. The choice of an illumination of the hands and the dial by encapsulated tritium (on most models) ensures an operational and permanent lighting, over a period of about 25 years.

Designed to withstand the worst conditions and "do the job" no matter what happens, Marathon watches combine two elements: the absolute elegance required by the manly man and the hardness necessary to accomplish his mission.

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