AR15 aresmaxima


Direct sales in BtoB and BtoC of accessories for weapons, optics, individual ballistic protections, technical clothing and electronic encryption solutions. Delivery worldwide, via the USA, Germany, Israel, Canada and Ukraine, with assistance with customs clearance and compliance with import rules if necessary (exclusively in the USA, in the Schenghen area and in Canada ).
import / export aresmaxima


Import / export of weapons, ammunition, optical specific or dual-use goods, from the USA, Israel and the Schengen area and to countries not subject to sanctions (according to the lists of France, the European Union and US State Department), according to the ITAR rules and protocols or the specific laws and regulations of the country of receipt of the goods.
custom robot aresmaxima


Customized manufacture of parts for weapons (muzzle brakes, sound reduction, aluminum or polymer profiles), safes, armored doors or ballistic protections for vehicles. Assembly of robots (exclusively terrestrial) according to customer specifications, for technical inspection, zone security or assistance to victims, encrypted network supplies (VOIP or satellite - exclusively hardware) or electronic solutions. Exclusively on feasibility study and technical documentation.
training hardening aresmaxima


Combat training and cold zone training for civilian personnel, using small arms and fire, case studies, theoretical and practical presentation of combat in case of collapse of normality, moral reinforcement and specific modules (on request) d medical and logistical organization in conflict zone. Support for 12 trainees maximum by assignment, supervision provided by Ukrainian executives, French or according to a specific need, Israeli.