Welcome to the AresMaxima family! Our entire team is proud to soon count you among our business partners. With thirty manufacturers, more than 2000 references and a worldwide drop-shipping coverage, becoming a reseller of our products is the ideal solution for your physical shops or your website.

We are looking for partners who are like us: passionate, who like contact & ready to adopt our philosophy. You won't be alone. Being our reseller is not a price list sent by e-mail but assistance in three languages ​​(French, English and Russian) and support by phone, e-mail and chat. With our BtoB dealer relay solution, processing your orders is simple, fast and allows the tracking of your packages 24/7 - to your customer or your warehouse, all over the world.

For entrepreneurs who are starting an activity with our products, a customer account manager can help you to create a website or to set up a physical store and to implement the necessary authorizations for export - for those who wish to enter the market for small arms, ammunition or electronic security solutions.


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The Dealer Relay application (https://www.dealer-relay.com/) gives you direct access to the catalog - with indication of the stock level in real time. You place your order & enter the delivery address - delivery worldwide, to stock or to the end customer. The shipping costs are calculated, your order validated and the tracking transmitted as soon as your order has been shipped - you follow the delivery of your packages directly from the application.

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We guarantee our resellers the lowest price on all our ranges, and offer you to choose the range of products that is most interesting for you (Micro Roni, MAROM jackets, KPOS kit ...) on which you get a preferential rate. Any order above a certain amount automatically entitles you to an additional discount percentage on all references. Our shipping rates are under control, with an offer depending on the urgency of the delivery.

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We ship worldwide, wherever you are - except in countries subject to embargoes or sanctions. We assist you with the import of products subject to licensing (ITAR, BIS or end user) and can ensure the transit of your order if necessary. You can select the most economical or fastest delivery method according to your requirements, via our partners (EMS, UPS or DHL).

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Each reseller account is managed by a single contact who provides order management, technical support, availability and shipping. The after sales service facilitates the returns, supports all your requests for assistance (product sheets, marketing elements ...) and can put you in touch with a technician - in case of problems in the assembly or implementation. If you are a young entrepreneur, a customer account manager assists you in creating your website (or your physical store).


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