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POSP 3-9x42W Dragunov Reticle Scope


POSP 3-9×42 scope, full Magnesium alloy housing - Features DRAGUNOV (RUSSIAN SNIPER) reticle - for 1000/1100/1200 m distances (for 7,62×54 ammunition), engraved directly on the glass, with telemetry chevrons for 0,5m wide and 1,8m high targets - red illumination, by diopter (5 intensity levels).

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IMI DEFENSE Collection

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IMI DEFENSE retention holster for Sig Sauer Mosquito with Magazine Pouch


IMI DEFENSE retention holster for Sig Sauer Mosquito pistols, polymer construction, integrated magazine holder, suitable for all IMI platforms, 360° rotation - Perfect for everyday use - for visible wear or on a vest, for right-handed shooters.

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