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Thermal Scope ATN MARS LT 160 3-6X



Versatile and lightweight MARS LT 160 3-6X riflescope - with Obsidian Core LT processor (160 x 120 px / 17 µm 60 Hz), automatic correction of the positioning of your reticle on the target (after a first shot). The processor’s ballistic tables support most calibers on the market, from .22lr to .338 for versatile use, on all your rifles.

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Holosun SCRS-RD-2 (Red Dot 2MOA)



Holosun SCRS-RD-2

Holosun SCRS-RD-2 – Red dot (RED LED illumination) for rifles, tactical frames and long weapons – 02 MOA dot, in a solid 7075 aluminum case (type 3 anodized finish) mounted on multi-layer glass for transmission optimal light, with transparent covers (front and rear). Lightweight – 70 grams – & compact, perfectly suited to hunting, sports shooting and airsoft, IP 67 protection level, shock and weather resistant – powered by a CR2032 battery (3 V DC), for a duration average life of 20000 hours.

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IMI DEFENSE Collection

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IMI Defense ASB Tactical Stock – Adjustable Sniper Buttstock


IMI Defense ASB Tactical Stock – Adjustable Sniper Buttstock for Mil Spec or Commercial tubes, designed for precision shooting and area surveillance. Polymer & aluminum manufacturing for a durable stock, suitable for all environments – low profile design, quick & easy installation

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