Rhino Metals. Just the name inspires solidity to any test. Created in 1995 at Caldwell (Idaho) by Don Suggs - a former pilot of the US Air Force, to meet the needs of local industries in welded or molded profiles and metal parts, the marked evolves from 1999 to the market for weapons safes.

To use all of its know-how and meet all clienteles (design, level of protection, fire resistance, etc.), the Rhino ranges - safes, IronWorks - safes & furniture, Kodiak (entry safes from range) and finally Vault - security doors for vaults.

The IronWorks range presents, in addition to gun safes (with a set of internal fittings to support up to 76 long guns), a modern, beautiful and (obviously) extremely robust range of furniture (cabinets, desk, bar)… For the modern man, confident and virile.

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